Conversion of waste to energy is being a challenging task for many countries since it involves a very high level of technical know-how and the initial cost of such a project also very high. However, now there are many technologies are being invented and applied all around the globe. Out of those technologies, Korean technology has a major place in the market due to high productivity, durability, low environmental impact, and low processing cost. In the view of the above, the promoters of this project have been able to partner with some foreign and local institution namely.

Innovative cyclone combustion system


Temperature & air flow in Combustor

Advantage of cyclone combustor

No fire-insulated wall required
Apply advanced film cooling technology that cold air flowing along the combustion area wall for protecting the walls against high temperature combustion heat above 1000℃.

Complete combustion and minimize hazardous gas emissions for various fuels.
Complete combustion is possible due to the structure that can heat the inflowed air above 500℃.

Suppression of clinker production
Unique patented combustion method, ASH is automatically discharged by centrifugation principle, no clinker is produced.

Ultra-high temperature combustion
Ultra-high temperature combustion above 1500 ℃ with high preheating (high heat capacity, above 80% higher efficiency)

Size Minimize
High efficiency without shaft, the volume of the furnace is significantly smaller than existing products.

Cyclone combustion system VS Tranditional incineration system
Simple structure & low installation cost Installation
High installation cost due to large complex
more than 20 years

(Air curtain effect, long continuous operation possible)

lifecycles Short life due to frequent failures
Less than 1/3 of the same class Size Oversize than incineration amount
Centrifugal automatic ash discharge solve

Clinker occurrence problem

Clinker Clinker occurrence problem exists
Very low operating / maintenance costs
(Automatic operation without auxiliary fuel,
minimization of electricity consumption)
O&M Cost ㆍHigh operating and maintenance costs
(Large electricity consumption)

Exhaust GAS Reduction Rate

Nitrogen Oxide
Sulfuric Acid
Carbon Monoxide


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